Night Drive (2017)

Choreography by Doug LeCours in collaboration with Alex Rodabaugh
Performed by Doug LeCours and Alex Rodabaugh
Music by The Cars
Presented by New York Live Arts
Fresh Tracks Work-in-progress showing
June 2017





Pleasure Palace (2016)

Before she was famous, Lana Del Rey bought a trailer in New Jersey with the modest advance from her demo. She filled the place with streamers and luau decorations and made videos wearing Marilyn Monroe wigs and heart-shaped sunglasses. When I was 16 I used to go on those webcam sites and masturbate with men I didn’t know. Now I live in Brooklyn and since moving there I’ve thought about leaving every single day. I watch gay porn probably every night in my apartment. It’s been really hot in New York lately and I’ve been thinking a lot about pools and beaches. I’m lucky I have AC there because my apartment was renovated last year. I try to go on vacation in my mind whenever I want to get out of the city. I’m pretending I’m on vacation right now. I’m really glad you decided to come. All I want is to make you feel good.


Choreography and performance by Doug LeCours
Music by Santo & Johnny and Dolly Parton
Lighting design by Lauren Libretti
Presented by New York Live Arts
Fresh Tracks Showcase
January 2017, NYC





I Came I Saw I Conquered (2015)

After I graduated from college I returned to do one last performance at the art gallery in town. I brought all of the trophies and medals that I amassed as a child in dance competitions and asked the audience to place them on top of my body.

Conception and performance by Doug LeCours
Music by Celine Dion
Presented by The M Gallery
September 2015, Middlebury, VT